Image... electric power would be free of charge, day by day!

Produce the most necessary ressource yourself. 24/7 every day - independent from time. Independent from weather or your place. And most independently from fossil ressources.

Since first public viewings of the 2m glossy function model at Kuchl 2014 in August we desperately wait on this moment. Based on hope of many people it became reality now. We thank everybody, who supported us in the meantime.

How to take part on a viewing

The public viewings take place on the new german ROSCH facility in Spich. To participate on the event, your registration is mandatory. Once we meet on site, please show the booking confirmation, we sent you by email within a succesfull booking of a time frame. In case you want to measure yourself, please book the last day - May 6th - and show your capability with your commercial translucent locally as well.


Now choose your time frame and book your place. The interest is huge and booking places to this unique event are limited. Press any dated link to be forwarded to the event detail page.