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Inspiring Graz Congress Sept. 10/11 | Review

Schneider's congress in Graz/Austria

A total of 220 participants came together on the weekend of 10-11 September in the Steiermarkhof in Graz.

This is somewhat decentrally located in the countryside, to immerse themselves in the topics of “Cosmic Energy in Technology and Healing”. Conclusion: a com-plete success with an enthusiastic atmosphere!

Even before the official welcome, Inge Schneider pointed out a peculiarity of her outfit. The WEF in Davos is not particularly popular in her circles. Still, one had read in the press that a casual style of dress is generally observed there and only the most important participants – heads of state, for example – appear in a tie. She does it the other way round: by wearing a tie, she hopes to emphasize her importance – this is of course a joke, she said, which the audience also acknowledged with laughter.

Adolf Schneider welcomed participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Slovenia – almost all of them had flags on the speaker’s table.

Schneider'S Congress In Graz/Austria Bild 1Inge Schneider welcomed three people in particular: Willy Mohorn, the president of the Austrian Association for Space Energy, who had massively promoted the congress;

Detlef Scholz of “raum & zeit”, whose special issue “Naturenergien nutzen” contains topics that will also be discussed at this congress;

and Bart Berten, their first sub-licensee of the Marukhin technology and now dear cooperation partner, with whom together they can finally help a free energy technology achieve a breakthrough.

The book “Fundamentals of Free Energy” by the Austrian authors Harald Chmela and Wolfgang Wiedergut in her hand, referred to the new edition just published by Jupiter-Verlag.

She thanked the team, which is responsible for the smooth running of the congress: Susanna Martin, Gabriele Schröter, Dagmar Kuhn, the Photographers Rio Werner Hauser (Thankyou for the great pictures!), and the Austrians Stefan Ressler and Michael Zimonic. Adolf Schneider also thanked Peter Kaiser from the Tesla Society Switzerland, whose Tesla exhibition they were again able to show.

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Feel free to download the full report here.

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