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Review of “TESLA Wizard at War”, by Marc J. Seifer

TESLA Wizard at War Review by Toby Grotz

In his second book about Tesla, Marc Seifer once again breaks through the legend, the enigma, and the life and times of a man who brought more technical innovation to humanity than any other in history.

This book is a treasure trove of never before published details about Tesla’s invention and his personal relationships with the celebrities, scientists and business moguls of the early twentieth century.

Marc’s detailed search of archived letters, correspondence, documents and new documents released under Freedom of Information Act requests has resulted in a detailed account of Nikola Tesla’s involvement with scientists, diplomats and businessmen during the First World War and leading up to the Second World War. From what Tesla said, quoted in an article published in the New York Times on December 8th, 1915, it appears that he had invented a particle beam weapon. Tesla announced his particle beam weapon in 1934, three years after he made the cover of TIME magazine celebrating his 75th birthday. The details of the design were sold to the Russians shortly thereafter. How it worked and what became of the technology is detailed in WIZARD at War. Included for experimenters, engineers and scientists are details not only of the particle beam weapon but of the design of the Wardenclyffe wireless power transmission installation. The intended patent application and drawings for the particle beam weapon were first published in 1984 in the proceedings of the Tesla Centennial Symposium held in Colorado Springs, CO, an event I co-hosted with the physicist Elizabeth Raucher. In fact, it was at that time that I first met Marc who spoke at the conference.

In a major contribution to the study of gravity there is a chapter devoted to Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity and the necessity of including the aether in any attempt at understanding gravity and the origin of matter. Well known scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, J.J. Thompson, Lord Kelvin and Einstein all recognized the need for aether in order to explain the physical phenomenon of inertia and gravity. Tesla spoke of his theory in 1937 in a prepared statement to the press prior to interviews on his 81st birthday. The prepared statement from 1937 is presented in Tesla Said, published in 1984 by John T. Ratzlaff of the Tesla Book Company. On May 12th, 1938 he spoke again about his gravity theory to The Institute of Immigrant Welfare. In 1951 the US Government Library of Congress acknowledged it had “research studies by Dr. Nikola Tesla…on gravity…” This theory closely resembles the theory of gravity and the aether worked out by Paramahamsa Tewari described here

Tewari’s work resulted in a reactionless generator demonstrated here:

TESLA Wizard at War is essential reading for anyone interested in the life and times of Nikola Tesla and an important follow up to Marc’s 1997 book, Wizard, The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genius.

Swami Vivekananda, from whom Tesla learned the Sanskrit words from the ancient Vedic texts of India that describe the origins of matter, said “in Tesla’s electrical discharges I even felt the presence of Brahma himself.”

Samuel Cohen, writing in the Electrical Experimenter in July, 1915, described Tesla as “…one of the world’s most distinguished scientists of whom it has rightly been said, “He lives a hundred years ahead of his time.”

Toby Grotz
Co-Chair, Tesla Centennial Symposium, 1984
President of the International Tesla Society, 1986
Chair, 1986 International Tesla Symposium

Toby Grotz

Toby Grotz

"In the future, We will sit on our front porches with family, friends and neighbors, Singing and playing acoustic music, until the stars shine down upon us, undimmed by the fires of fossil fuels."


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