Image... electric power would be free of charge, day by day!

Produce the most necessary ressource yourself. 24/7 every day - independent from time. Independent from weather or your place. And most independently from fossil ressources.

Since first public viewings of the 2m glossy function model at Kuchl 2014 in August we desperately wait on this moment. Based on hope of many people it became reality now. We thank everybody, who supported us in the meantime.

The 5kW AuKW serial sample is done.

Power plant facts

The interieur of the power plant is set into a weatherproof pulver plated steel tube. CGenerator and Compressor are upon the tube. Nearly identically, as the sample is shown, the units will be delivered later on. The serial model is running al the time during the entire visiting period. We prepared a measuring station, that shows the exact power outage in real.

How to get there

The public viewings take place on the new german ROSCH facility in Spich. The building is located within the business park very close to the exit Lind on Highway A59. This business park is only a few kilometers from Cologne Airport away. Also by train its easy to get there. A railway link is only a few kilometers away. The viewings are directly within ROSCHs company site. Melde Dich bitte am Haupteingang im Foyer an. Dort sammeln wir die Gruppen. Please sign up at the reception to the foyer. Here we collect the groups.


As part of the registration we asked of you entry and the booking confirmation, you reveiced from us by email. Furthermore we ask for an ID card. (driver's license or similar document with your photo on).

The Viewing

Like last year in Kuchl we would like to offer every visitor plenty of space and a pleasant environment for any questions. Therefor we again form groups to max. 20 people. Within the bookable sequences we at least plan to always provide an hour for the live tour to you. After a brief welcome by a representative of ROSCH Christoph Beiser, Roberto Reuter and Robert Reich are present as a partner at the events. For each visitor we keep coffee and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks.


Please see your relevant case here and pay the entry bar on site at reception before the viewing starts. If you decide to order a AuKW unit during or after the viewing, the entry fee (also your companion's entry) will be refunded within the payment process later. Currently there are total 500 units to sell.